Allow Me To Re-introduce Myself…


My name is Sideline Tales.

Eh that just doesnt roll off the tongue as well as HOV, but you get the idea.  Been away for a hot minute, took some time off, changed the name of the site, but now we are back.

PS., dealing with domain names can sometimes be a pain in the a$$

Anyway, name has changed, Sideline Tales is a little shorter and felt that was a little better to consume, plus made it easier to coordinate across platforms.  So with that said feel free to give a follow on the following platforms:

Twitter: @sidelinetales

Instagram: sidelinetales

Facebook: @sidelinetalesofficial

And obviously the blog itself will now be at http://www.sidelinetales.com

Will be the same great witty, hilarious content as before just under a different name.

Thanks to all that follow


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