RIP Burt Reynolds



We lost another legend.  He may not be that familiar with the youth of today, but anyone over the age of say 30 and certainly older knows how cool this dude was.

82 years old means it wasnt a total shock.  Especially if you had seen him lately, he was looking very frail and well just plain old, but still sucks.  Go down his credits and IMDB and you will see a laundry list of classics.  My personal favorite was always Smokey and The Bandit but there are plenty to choose from.

Almost as famous for the roles he took could possibly be the ones he turned down.  The lead role in Pretty Woman and Han Friggin Solo for crying out loud, just to name a couple.  He was set to play a role in Tarantino’s upcoming movie, who knows what happens with that now.

But I digress, lets just enjoy what he did leave behind

RIP Burt Reynolds



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