Easy Money Picks – NFL Wild Card

PLAYOFFS BABY! Playoffs.  If we have learned anything in previous years its never bet against the Patriots until they have been officially eliminated.  A lot of people down on them this year, especially after that ugly loss against the Dolphins to end the regular season.  HOWEVER, this is a team that still went 12-4, and ya know has been here a million times.  Couple other matchups that could go either way, should make for an interesting Wild Card weekend.  Lets go get that money.

Wild Card Picks:                   STRAIGHT UP              AGAINST SPREAD

BUF @ HOU (-2.5)                HOU                    HOU

TEN @ NE (-5)                   NE                  NE

MIN @ NO (-7.5)                 NO                   NO

SEA @ PHI (+1.5)                SEA                  SEA

Last Week:                                9 – 7                                      8 – 8

Year To Date:                        164 – 91 – 1                             131 – 120 – 5





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