Vibin Fridays – Boyz II Men – End Of The Road

In my Jim Nantz voice – Hello Friends

I came here today to say that we have come to the end of the road for this blog…see what I did there.

This may not be shocking as I havent been posting here much of late anyway, or like at all, but the time is right to make it official.

This is bittersweet as I started this blog 8 years ago and just a silly side project, something to do. Most people think oh any old person can do a blog, and to a certain extent you would be right. Of course that depends on how you measure success.

Creating content on a consistent basis takes a lot of time and effort and energy and sometimes priorities just change along the way. In the last 8 years Ive gotten married had a few kids and kept up with my day job. Ive loved doing this when I had the time, that time has just come to an end. Will the blog ever come back….never say never.

In the illustrious words of Joe Dirt…Keep On Keepin On

I will leave you on a slightly higher note with this Don McCloskey joint Ive had on repeat lately. Enjoy.


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