Easy Money Picks – NFL Week 2

Not a bad first week. Getting back into the groove. Interesting to see the level of play given there was no preseason. Have to imagine lack of reps will catch up to some teams more than others. On to week 2.

Week 2 Picks:                     STRAIGHT UP              AGAINST SPREAD

CIN @ CLE (-6)

JAC @ TEN (-8.5)                                

CAR @ TB (-8.5)                                     

BUF @ MIA (+5.5)                                   

ATL @ DAL (-4.5)                                      

DEN @ PIT (-7.5)                                     

MIN @ IND (-3)                                        

SF @ NYJ (+7)                                     

LAR @ PHI (PK)                                          

DET @ GB (-6)                                    

NYG @ CHI (-5.5)                                        

WAS @ ARI (-7)                                    

KC @ LAC (+8.5)                                   

BAL @ HOU (+7)                                        

NE @ SEA (-4)                                         

NO @ LV (+5.5)                                 

Last Week:                             10 – 6                                     8 – 7 – 1

Year To Date:                        10 – 6                                      8 – 7 – 1


Easy Money Picks – NFL Week 1

What a difference a few months makes huh? Hello friends, Ive missed you too. Last time I was here was February and we live in a much different world now. Hope everyone has been staying safe and thankfully we get the NFL back starting tonight to give us a resemblance of normal life. Lets get to the picks

Week 1 Picks:                     STRAIGHT UP              AGAINST SPREAD

HOU @ KC (-9)

OAK @ CAR (+3)                                   

CLE @ BAL (-7)                                     

CHI @ DET (-3)                                         

GB @ MIN (-2.5)                                      

NYJ @ BUF (-6.5)                                     

SEA @ ATL (+2.5)                                        

MIA @ NE (-6.5)                                     

IND @ JAC (+8)                                         

PHI @ WAS (+5.5)                                    

LAC @ CIN (+3)                                          

TB @ NO (-3.5)                                         

ARI @ SF (-7)                                   

DAL @ LAR (+3)                                        

PIT @ NYG (+6)                                         

TEN @ DEN (+2.5)                                 

Last Week:                             0 – 0                                     0 – 0

Year To Date:                        0 – 0                                      0 – 0


Vibin Fridays – Britney Spears – Baby One More Time


Sometimes things come along in life that make you say Damn Im Old!  Well this was one of those things.

Recently I heard that this song turned 21.  21 years old?  If this song was a person it would legally be allowed to drink now.  Even though it was definitely drinking in high school and having parties at their house when the parents were out of town. And now here they are, all grown up and in college able to buy their own booze and get blacked out on gamedays.

They grow up so fast.

Enjoy the weekend


Easy Money Picks – Super Bowl LIV

This is it boys and girls, the one for all the marbles.  Will Andy Reid finally get the big one?  Will Kyle Shanahan get some redemption for blowing the big lead with the Falcons a couple years ago? Either way a team in red is going to win it so lets go get that green.  As usual will throw in a couple of prop picks as well.  See you next NFL season.

Super Bowl Picks:                   STRAIGHT UP              AGAINST SPREAD

SF @ KC (-1.5)                            KC                     KC

Last Week:                                2 – 0                                        0 – 2

Year To Date:                        171 – 94 – 1                             133 – 128 – 5


Bonus Prop Bet Picks:

Coin Toss – Tails

Over/Under National Anthem 2:01 – Over



A Few Words About Kobe Bryant


Its been three days since the untimely death of 9 people in a helicopter crash, including of course Kobe Bean Bryant and his daughter Gianna, and it still sucks.

I was not particularly a fan of Kobe during his playing days, though could always respect his drive and his “Mamba Mentality” that, as many have said, made him the closest thing to the next Jordan since MJ laced them up.  And yes even still more so than even LeBron.

And this is obviously about more than just Kobe, though as the most famous of those nine people gets all the press and praise, my heart goes out to all those families effected.  Like so many others, as a husband and a father, I just cant fathom having your entire world rocked like that in a matter of minutes.

I can tell Im starting to ramble on and not really going anywhere, and thats ok.  Ill just end this by saying let your loved ones know that you love them, one day you wont be able to.


Kobe & Gianna Bryant

John, Keri, & Alyssa Altobelli

Christina Mauser

Ara Zobayan

Sarah & Payton Chester



Easy Money Picks – NFL Conference Championships

Are the Tennessee Titans on a Cinderella run?  Certainly seems that way.  Tannehill hasnt broken 100 yards in either game yet they just beat the Pats AND the #1 seeded Ravens on the road.  Can they do it a third time against the Chiefs for a spot in the Super Bowl?  Seeing Ryan Tannehill win a Super Bowl in Miami would be peak irony and hilarious.  Lets go get that money

Conf Champ Picks:                   STRAIGHT UP              AGAINST SPREAD

TEN @ KC (-7)                              KC                  TEN

GB @ SF (-7.5)                            SF                     GB

Last Week:                                3 – 1                                        0 – 4

Year To Date:                        169 – 94 – 1                             133 – 126 – 5





Easy Money Picks – NFL Divisional Playoffs

Did we just witness the end of the Patriots dynasty?  And did it end at the hands of the Titans?  Time will tell, but its starting to look like the championship window is closing for a couple of Hall Of Fame Qbs in New England and New Orleans.  But I digress, thats for another time, for now lets go get that divisional money.

Divisional Picks:                   STRAIGHT UP              AGAINST SPREAD

MIN @ SF (-7)                     SF                   MIN

TEN @ BAL (-9.5)              BAL                     BAL

HOU @ KC (-9.5)                 KC                    HOU

SEA @ GB (-4.5)                  GB                  SEA

Last Week:                                2 – 2                                        2 – 2

Year To Date:                        166 – 93 – 1                             133 – 122 – 5





Easy Money Picks – NFL Wild Card

PLAYOFFS BABY! Playoffs.  If we have learned anything in previous years its never bet against the Patriots until they have been officially eliminated.  A lot of people down on them this year, especially after that ugly loss against the Dolphins to end the regular season.  HOWEVER, this is a team that still went 12-4, and ya know has been here a million times.  Couple other matchups that could go either way, should make for an interesting Wild Card weekend.  Lets go get that money.

Wild Card Picks:                   STRAIGHT UP              AGAINST SPREAD

BUF @ HOU (-2.5)                HOU                    HOU

TEN @ NE (-5)                   NE                  NE

MIN @ NO (-7.5)                 NO                   NO

SEA @ PHI (+1.5)                SEA                  SEA

Last Week:                                9 – 7                                      8 – 8

Year To Date:                        164 – 91 – 1                             131 – 120 – 5





Easy Money Picks – NFL Week 17

Well this is it folks, the last week of the regular season.  We got ourselves above .500 against the spread, lets try and stay there.  Lets go get that money and close out the season strong.

Week 17 Picks:                   STRAIGHT UP              AGAINST SPREAD

CHI @ MIN (+3.5)              MIN                      MIN

MIA @ NE (-16.5)               NE                    MIA

NYJ @ BUF (-1)                    BUF                  BUF

LAC @ KC (-9)                   KC                    KC

ATL @ TB (PK)                TB                     TB

GB @ DET (+12.5)           GB                    GB

NO @ CAR (+13.5)           NO                     NO

CLE @ CIN (+2.5)              CLE                      CLE

OAK @ DEN (-3.5)             DEN                     DEN

ARI @ LAR (-6.5)              STL                  STL

PHI @ NYG (+3.5)             PHI                  PHI

TEN @ HOU (+6)            TEN                    TEN

PIT @ BAL (+2)                 PIT                    PIT

WAS @ DAL (-12.5)          DAL                  WAS

IND @ JAC (+6)                 IND                  IND

SF @ SEA (+3.5)               SF                  SF

Last Week:                                12 – 4                                      10 – 5 – 1

Year To Date:                        155 – 84 – 1                             123 – 112 – 5