Vibin Fridays – Iration – Summer Nights


Its after 5 oclock on Friday, time to head into the weekend.  This band always puts me in a good/chill mood.  Plus going to check them out live tonight so seemed appropriate to slide them in for Vibin Fridays.

Enjoy the weekend.


Easy Money Picks – NFL Week 6

As this season progresses it becomes more clear that there are some really good offenses and even more really bad teams.  That just means outside of a couple of teams the league is pretty wide open.  Lets go get that money.

Week 6 Picks:                    STRAIGHT UP              AGAINST SPREAD

PHI @ NYG (+1)                  PHI                    PHI

TB @ ATL (-3)                   ATL                    ATL

SEA @ OAK (+2.5)             OAK                    OAK

CAR @ WAS (-1)                CAR                    CAR

ARI @ MIN (-10)              MIN                     ARI

IND @ NYJ (-2,5)                 IND                    IND

CHI @ MIA (+3.5)                CHI                   MIA

LAC @ CLE (+1)                  SD                     SD

PIT @ CIN (-2)                   CIN                      CIN

BUF @ HOU (-10)              HOU                      BUF

LAR @ DEN (+7)              STL                     STL

BAL @ TEN (+2.5)            BAL                     BAL

JAC @ DAL (+3)                 JAC                     JAC

KC @ NE (-3.5)                  NE                     NE

SF @ GB (-9.5)                    GB                     SF

Last Week:                              8 – 7                                   6 – 9

Year To Date:                        42 – 36                               28 – 47 – 4


Easy Money Picks – NFL Week 5

Ouch, brutal week against the spread last week.  Nothing to do but flip those numbers this week.  Lets go get that money.

Week 5 Picks:                    STRAIGHT UP              AGAINST SPREAD

IND @ NE (-10.5)              NE                    NE

BAL @ CLE (+3)                 BAL                     BAL

JAC @ KC (-3)                      KC                     KC

TEN @ BUF (+5)                TEN                     TEN

NYG @ CAR (-6.5)                CAR                      NYG

DEN @ NYJ (PK)                  DEN                      DEN

ATL @ PIT (-3)                     ATL                     ATL

GB @ DET (PK)                    GB                     GB

MIA @ CIN (-5.5)               CIN                      CIN

OAK @ LAC (-5)                SD                       OAK

ARI @ SF (-4)                      SF                      SF

MIN @ PHI (-3)                 PHI                       PHI

LAR @ SEA (+7)              STL                       STL

DAL @ HOU (-3.5)            HOU                       DAL

WAS @ NO (-6.5)               NO                     NO

Last Week:                              9 – 6                                   2 – 10 – 3

Year To Date:                        34 – 29                               21 – 38 – 4


Vibin Fridays – Lil Wayne – A Milli


In honor of Lil Tunechi dropping his latest album today, Tha Carter V, going to take it back 10 years for todays Vibin Fridays.  This joint from Tha Carter III, arguably his biggest album, certainly his most successful thus far, was maybe the biggest song of 2008.

Already had a name for himself but this song and this album helped take him to a new stratosphere.  We shall see if this newest album is worth the wait.

Enjoy the weekend



10 Years Ago Today Tim Tebow Threw Down The Gauntlet


And they absolutely lived up to that.

Say what you want about him, love him or hate him, cant deny his greatness in that moment.

One of the all time best college football players and this was a big reason why.  Well this and the fact that the Gators went on to not lose another game and win the national championship that year.  This speech is an afterthought if that doesnt happen.

But they didnt just win they went on to blow everyone out.  And were not talking cupcakes here, highly ranked teams and winning by 20-30 points.

Ya the NFL career didnt work out and the baseball thing is whatever, but dude balled out in college.

PS.  10 years since this happened?  Gators havent had a decent QB since.


Easy Money Picks – NFL Week 4

Anybody get the plates on that truck that rolled over the Vikings last week.  Where did that Bills team come from?  Skins beat Packers, Lions beat Patriots, Browns finally get a win.  NFL showing its as wild and unpredictable as ever.  Lets go get that money.

Week 4 Picks:                    STRAIGHT UP              AGAINST SPREAD

MIN @ LAR (-7)                  STL                     MIN

MIA @ NE (-6.5)                 NE                      MIA

HOU @ IND (-1.5)                IND                     IND

CIN @ ATL (-4)                    ATL                      ATL

BUF @ GB (-10)                   GB                      BUF

DET @ DAL (-3)                  DET                     DET

NYJ @ JAC (-7.5)                 JAC                       NYJ

TB @ CHI (-3)                    CHI                        TB

PHI @ TEN (+3.5)               PHI                      PHI

SEA @ ARI (+3)                  SEA                       SEA

CLE @ OAK (-3)                   CLE                      CLE

SF @ LAC (-10.5)                SD                        SD

NO @ NYG (+3.5)               NO                        NO

BAL @ PIT (-3)                    PIT                       PIT

KC @ DEN (+4.5)                 KC                      KC

Last Week:                              8 – 8                                   5 – 11

Year To Date:                        25 – 23                               19 – 28 – 1