Vibin Fridays – Johnny Cash – Ring Of Fire


Taking way back today with some Johnny Cash.

Yes Ive done this one before.  So what.

Dont like Johnny Cash?  Well then……


Enjoy the weekend.


Easy Money Picks – NFL Week 3

Another week and another tie game.  I hope we keep getting ties.  Have one every week until they finally break down and change the rule.  Most popular sport in the country, and the only major sport that can still end in a tie.  Maybe the dumbest thing in sports.

I digress, lets go get that easy money.

Week 3 Picks:                    STRAIGHT UP              AGAINST SPREAD

NYJ @ CLE (-3)                    CLE                      NYJ

IND @ PHI (-6.5)                 PHI                     PHI

CIN @ CAR (-3)                    CAR                     CIN

TEN @ JAC (-6.5)                 JAC                      JAC

NO @ ATL (-3)                     ATL                       NO

DEN @ BAL (-5.5)               BAL                       DEN

NYG @ HOU (-6)                   HOU                     NYG

OAK @ MIA (-3)                 MIA                       MIA

GB @ WAS (+3)                   GB                       GB

BUF @ MIN (-16.5)             MIN                        BUF

SF @ KC (-6.5)                        KC                      KC

LAC @ LAR (-7)                   STL                        SD

CHI @ ARI (+5.5)                 CHI                       CHI

DAL @ SEA (-1.5)                DAL                         DAL

NE @ DET (+6.5)                NE                        NE

PIT @ TB (+1.5)                   TB                       TB

Last Week:                              7 – 9                                   5 – 11

Year To Date:                        17 – 15                               14 – 17 – 1



Easy Money Picks – NFL Week 2

Not a bad way to come out of the gates.  Always room for improvement though.  Couple of wacky and lopsided games last week, I dont think we see that this week.  Lets go get that easy money.

Week 2 Picks:                    STRAIGHT UP              AGAINST SPREAD

BAL @ CIN (-1)                     BAL                    BAL

IND @ WAS (-6)                   WAS                     WAS

CAR @ ATL (-6)                   ATL                      CAR

MIN @ GB (-1)                     GB                     GB

LAC @ BUF (+7.5)               SD                     SD

HOU @ TEN (+1.5)              HOU                     HOU

KC @ PIT (-4)                        PIT                     PIT

MIA @ NYJ (-3)                  MIA                       MIA

PHI @ TB (+3.5)                 PHI                        PHI

CLE @ NO (-8.5)                  NO                        CLE

ARI @ LAR (-13)                 STL                       ARI

DET @ SF (-6)                     DET                        DET

NE @ JAC (+1)                   NE                        NE

OAK @ DEN (-6)                DEN                         OAK

NYG @ DAL (-3)                 NYG                        NYG

SEA @ CHI (-3.5)              CHI                         SEA

Last Week:                            10 – 6                               9 – 6 – 1

Year To Date:                        10 – 6                               9 – 6 – 1



Vibin Fridays – Mac Miller – Knock Knock



Now full disclosure here I was not a huge Mac Miller fan.  Not that I didnt like him, I just never really got too deep into his library.

That said, its always tragic when something like this happens, especially so young, and for what its worth I did always think the song above was catchy as hell.


mac miller


RIP Burt Reynolds



We lost another legend.  He may not be that familiar with the youth of today, but anyone over the age of say 30 and certainly older knows how cool this dude was.

82 years old means it wasnt a total shock.  Especially if you had seen him lately, he was looking very frail and well just plain old, but still sucks.  Go down his credits and IMDB and you will see a laundry list of classics.  My personal favorite was always Smokey and The Bandit but there are plenty to choose from.

Almost as famous for the roles he took could possibly be the ones he turned down.  The lead role in Pretty Woman and Han Friggin Solo for crying out loud, just to name a couple.  He was set to play a role in Tarantino’s upcoming movie, who knows what happens with that now.

But I digress, lets just enjoy what he did leave behind

RIP Burt Reynolds



Easy Money Picks – NFL Week 1

Guess who’s back, back again.  Football’s back, tell a friend.  Guess who’s back, guess who’s back, guess who’s back, guess who’s back, guess who’s back, guess who’s back, guess who’s back

Thats right baby, the dog days of summer are over and football season is upon us.  NFL starts tonight, which means its Easy Money season.  Lets get after it with Week 1 picks.

Week 1 Picks:                    STRAIGHT UP              AGAINST SPREAD

ATL @ PHI (+1)                     ATL                     ATL

PIT @ CLE (+4)                     PIT                       PIT

SF @ MIN (-6.5)                   MIN                     MIN

CIN @ IND (-3)                      IND                     IND

BUF @ BAL (-7.5)                BAL                     BAL

JAC @ NYG (+3)                   JAC                      JAC

TB @ NO (-9.5)                    NO                       TB

HOU @ NE (-6.5)                NE                       HOU

TEN @ MIA (+1.5)              MIA                     MIA

KC @ LAC (-3.5)                 SD                      SD

SEA @ DEN (-3)                 DEN                       DEN

DAL @ CAR (-3)                 CAR                       CAR

WAS @ ARI (-1)                WAS                       WAS

CHI @ GB (-7.5)               GB                        CHI

NYJ @ DET (-6.5)             DET                      DET

LAR @ OAK (+4)              STL                    STL


I feel like this goes without saying, but I am going to say it anyway on this first one.  This is purely for entertainment purposes.  I do not bet all of these games, these are just my picks if I was to bet them all straight up and vs the spread.  If you have a gambling problem, please get help.

Spread lines are from Westgate via (Sportsline.com), and are listed as they are at the time of publishing this article.

Enjoy, and go get that money.