Vibin Fridays – Avicii – Levels


Wish I was coming back with better news today.  It appears that Avicii has passed away, 28 years old.  Sad.

Guess the dude had his demons and seems like they may have caught up to him.

He was our first ever Vibin Fridays so seems only right to have Vibin Fridays today be one of the bangers he put out.



Will try to make this a weekly segment. Put up a tune that sets the mood for the upcoming weekend. Old school, new school, whatever I happen to be vibin on that particular Friday.

Up first is this new Avicii track. Heard it a couple days ago, thought it was fire. I think it will be the end of the summer jam you will hear everywhere going forward and will be played out by October.

Enjoy the eargasms!