Corey Feldman Still Trying To Make Music, Appears On Today Show


I mean say what you want about the guy, but you cant deny that he is giving everything he has to try and realize his dream of becoming a rock star, or whatever it is hes trying to do.

We have blogged about his music before here, and about his life in general here, and the dude is still at it.

Thats dedication.

He even mixed in the dab to his usual MJ robot dance moves to make it more relevant to the kids.

You keep doing you Corey





Well its official, Corey Feldman has lost his damn mind!

I am honestly not even sure what to say here.  We are watching a man go insane in real time.  I blogged a few months back about his fake Playboy Mansion birthday.  And now this…whatever this is.

Its no secret that dude has had a weird relationship/obsession with MJ since he was a child.  Case in point:

But this…this takes it to a whole different level.  Im not even sure what I just witnessed.  And Im REALLY not sure how to feel about the fact that I actually thought it was kinda catchy.  Am I the one going crazy?


PS – Random Sean Astin sighting.  Guess those Goonies stick together to the end