10 Years Ago Today Tim Tebow Threw Down The Gauntlet


And they absolutely lived up to that.

Say what you want about him, love him or hate him, cant deny his greatness in that moment.

One of the all time best college football players and this was a big reason why.  Well this and the fact that the Gators went on to not lose another game and win the national championship that year.  This speech is an afterthought if that doesnt happen.

But they didnt just win they went on to blow everyone out.  And were not talking cupcakes here, highly ranked teams and winning by 20-30 points.

Ya the NFL career didnt work out and the baseball thing is whatever, but dude balled out in college.

PS.  10 years since this happened?  Gators havent had a decent QB since.


Florida Gators Walk On,Zach Hodskins, Makes His First Basket. Oh Ya He Was Born Without A Hand

Great moment for this kid.  You know he has worked his tail off to get to this moment.  And when he got his shot he absolutely took it.  Great handle, great spin, great shot…and one.


And dont think this was some charity case that the Gators let this kid get on the court for.  This kid can flat out play.


Breaking News: Florida Gators QB Will Grier Suspended For Rest Of Season For PED’s


(CBS Sports) – Florida redshirt freshman quarterback Will Grier will be suspended for the rest of the 2015 season, according to a report from GridironNow.com’s Mike Huguenin, and could miss up to a full year of action after reportedly testing positive for a banned substance.

Coach Jim McElwain’s normal media availability was delayed three hours to 2:30 p.m. That’s when McElwain will reportedly address the news of Grier’s suspension, which comes as a result of an NCAA rules violation fo ruse of a banned substance. According to theAssociated Press, Grier tested positive for a performance-enhancing drug.

NCAA bylaws state that such a positive test would result in a calendar year-long ban, which would mean Grier could miss a portion of the 2016 campaign as well.

          Under Bylaw, the student-athlete becomes ineligible for all regular season and postseason competition until eligibility is reinstated by the NCAA student-athlete reinstatement staff on behalf of the committee. Pursuant to Bylaw, requests for reinstatement of eligibility will not be considered until the student-athlete has remained in­eligible for a minimum of one calendar year (365 days) after the student-athlete has tested positive for a banned substance and after the student-athlete has been withheld from the equivalent of an NCAA season, the student-athlete retests negative by the NCAA (notice of which is provided to the student-athlete reinstatement staff by The National Center for Drug Free Sport), and the institution submits a request for reinstatement of eligibility via AMA Online.

Just an unbelievable blow to the Gators here.  Easily one of the most surprising teams of the college football season.

Didnt even realize that kids these days still took steroids.  Makes a lot more sense now since he put on 40 pounds in the off season.

Now they get to turn it over to their backup Treon Harris who is just coming off suspension a couple of weeks ago.  Will see how much magic McElwain has left.

Good news Gators fans…at least you’re already bowl eligible.


Florida Gators Baseball Team Takes Rolling Stones Plane To CollegeWorld Series


(Orlando Sentinel) – Red-hot slugger J.J. Schwarz and the Florida Gators baseball team are a pretty big deal these days and enter the College World Series favorites to win it all.

Even so, rock star status seemed to quite a ways off – until Thursday.

The Gators’ arrived to Gainesville Regional Airport for their flight to Omaha and soon were greeted by famous tongue and lip logo of the Rolling Stones.

The iconic image first appeared on the cover of the 1971 album “Sticky Fingers” and has been identified with the band ever since. These days, it appears on the side of the plane the band uses when touring. 

Since the band was not using the plane Thursday during its current tour, the Gators ended up on the Stones’ Boeing 737-400 for the team’s trip to Nebraska.

I mean the gators were already heavy favorites to win it, but they might as well go ahead and hand them the trophy now right?

Such a baller way to come into town.

– Oh hey, how did you guys get here?

– Just took the Rolling Stones private plane, No Big Deal

Good luck topping that.