A Few Words About Kobe Bryant


Its been three days since the untimely death of 9 people in a helicopter crash, including of course Kobe Bean Bryant and his daughter Gianna, and it still sucks.

I was not particularly a fan of Kobe during his playing days, though could always respect his drive and his “Mamba Mentality” that, as many have said, made him the closest thing to the next Jordan since MJ laced them up.  And yes even still more so than even LeBron.

And this is obviously about more than just Kobe, though as the most famous of those nine people gets all the press and praise, my heart goes out to all those families effected.  Like so many others, as a husband and a father, I just cant fathom having your entire world rocked like that in a matter of minutes.

I can tell Im starting to ramble on and not really going anywhere, and thats ok.  Ill just end this by saying let your loved ones know that you love them, one day you wont be able to.


Kobe & Gianna Bryant

John, Keri, & Alyssa Altobelli

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Ara Zobayan

Sarah & Payton Chester



Kobe Bryant Not Happy After Practice Yesterday

We supposed to be practicing to get better, these motherfuckers aint doing shit for me”

And there it is folks.  Had to know at some point during this season that the Lakers were going to be so bad that Kobe was going to lose it, that point was yesterday.

I get it, Kobe is a super competitive guy, but what can you really expect when your running mate, and probably the next best player on the team is named Swaggy P.

Also wasnt Kobe the guy that signed the 2 year – $48 million dollar deal which basically handcuffed the Lakers from getting him any help?  Ya this is only going to be the first of many blowups from the Mamba this year Im guessing.