In The Least Surprising News This Week: Dolphins Fire Head Coach Joe Philbin


(ESPN) – The Miami Dolphins fired coach Joe Philbin on Monday after a 1-3 start to the season.

Philbin, 24-28 in Miami since taking over in 2012, became the first head coach in the NFL to lose his job this season.

“This was a tough decision for me to make knowing how tirelessly Joe worked in his four years here to make this a winning team,” Dolphins owner Stephen Ross said in a statement. “He is a man of the highest character and integrity that I developed a close personal relationship with.

“I am extremely disappointed with how we have started the season, but I feel confident that we can improve quickly with the talent we have on our roster.”

So that thing that everyone knew was going to happen, happened.  After a rough start there was chatter all week that Philbin’s job was on the line when they went to London.  Then they laid an egg against the Jets.  Dolphins came back facing a bye week, which is a terrible time for any coach on the hot seat.

Not much you can say here, guy just didnt get the results that were expected and seemed to be starting to lose the locker room.  Seems like a good dude, and they thought he would be able to turn the Dolphins into Packers South and that just never panned out despite having, at least on paper, some pretty decent players.

The expectations were too high and the results were too low.  That combination will eventually get you fired 10/10 times.


Miami Dolphins Announce Major Changes To Sun Life Stadium

These changes have long been discussed and are already underway, but the Dolphins released new pictures and a promo video to show the changes.

The new seats were a must, those awful orange seats were way old and crusty and the teal/aqua seats will make it at least a little less obvious that the stadium is only half full during the games.

The big pitch point is obviously the roof, or canopy rather, which for anyone thats been to a 1 oclock game at the stadium in August or September knows how absolutely hot and brutal those games can be.  I swear I almost passed out from heat exhaustion one game a couple years ago, had to be the heat and not the case of beer I had before the game.

And I give props to the ownership who is footing $350 of the $400 million for these renovations out of his own pocket.  Even though there was no other way this was getting done otherwise after the last debacle with getting the new Marlins stadium built, taxpayers are still salty about that one.

Make no mistake though, all these renovations are for a single purpose.  To get Miami to host more Super Bowls.  NFL basically told Miami after their last hosted Super Bowl that they will need to make the current stadium bigger and better, or get a new one before the big game comes back to South Florida.  In the mean time, Dolphins fans will have a nicer stadium to watch their team go 8-8 again and just miss the playoffs.


Ex Miami Dolphins Player, Rob Konrad, Falls Off Boat, Swims 9 Hours To Shore

(Source) – Former Miami Dolphins and Oakland Raiders player Rob Konrad fell off a boat and swam for hours to the Palm Beach County shore, he told Palm Beach police.

The former NFL fullback said he left the Hillsboro Inlet in Deerfield Beach around 10:30 a.m. Wednesday and that around 1 p.m. he tripped and fell overboard as his 36′ Grady White boat was on autopilot to the Bahamas.
Friends became concerned when he did not return by dinner time.

The Coast Guard says it dispatched a helicopter to look for Konrad and his 36-foot boat.
Palm Beach police Konrad reached land at 4:42 a.m. Thursday.  He approached a gate in the 1800 block of South Ocean Boulevard and met with an officer working an off-duty detail.  That officer then contacted Palm Beach police and asked for fire rescue and a patrol unit.

Konrad was taken to a hospital to be treated for hypothermia. 

Well this is nuts.  I have my doubts about all the details of this story, but pretty amazing if it even close to true.  Especially since I get tired after a couple laps of swimming in a pool I can stand in, cant imagine dealing with all the elements of the ocean.