Michael Jordan Takes The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

No doubt by now your Facebook feed or twitter timeline have been taken over by this ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. And athletes and celebrities the world over have joined in.  Now add the greatest of all time to that list.

Called out by Jeter, Beckham, and Ray Allen, and nominating his Dream Team teammates.  Would love to see Charles Barkley’s take on this.

Its kind of crazy how this has taken off, and even if it is annoying after w while (yeah I said it), its for a good cause, and you have to tip your cap to them for coming up with a creative way to raise awareness to a little knows disease.  Hey if MJ isnt too cool to do it, then neither are you.

PS – did he really need to say his name in the beginning??  Uhhh ya dude the whole world knows who you are.


Michael Jordan schooling OJ Mayo!


Had to know this video was going to surface somewhere.  Thats what makes MJ so great, he can talk as much trash as he wants because he knows he can back it up.

Greatest high school player in the country at the time?  So what, watch as I school you in front of everyone at this camp.  Oh and by the way Im in my 40s young fella.

Just legendary stuff, I could watch videos like this all day.

And OJ knows its true, can hear his version here.


This is the clip that is blowing up with MJ saying that in his prime he could beat basically everyone, except maybe Kobe but only because Kobe steals all his moves.

So whats the issue here? Wait do people actually disagree with any of this? Its not just that MJ thinks hes the GOAT, but basically anyone else that knows basketball or has been around the game says the same thing.

Sure Lebron is a freak of nature and has the size on MJ, but everyone knows its not the size of the dog in the fight, its the size of the fight in the dog. And Im not sure there is, was, or ever will be anyone on this earth with the will to win greater than what MJ had/has.

We could talk numbers all day, of which Jordan currently has the edge on Kobe and Lebron, but realistically both with pass him in terms of total numbers of course, as well they should since both were in the league as teenagers and got a head start, but talk to me when they have more than 6 rings.