Ken Griffey Jr And Mike Piazza Voted Into Hall Of Fame


Never Iffy If Its Griffey!

This was a no brainer.  Or so it seemed anyway as apparently it wasnt unanimous in the vote.  But The Kid still ended up with the highest vote percentage ever with 99.3%

We dont know yet who the three were that didnt vote Griffey on their ballot, but it doesnt matter because they are probably idiots and should have their voting privileges revoked.

If you grew up as a kid in the 90s then there is a good chance that Griffey was your favorite baseball player, whether he played for your favorite team or not.

On top of all the talent he brought, he brought serious swagger to the game and just made baseball fun again for kids of the generation.

Once in a generation talent and hands down my favorite baseballer of all time.  Had the posters, the video games, the cleats, and of course the 89 Upper Deck rookie card, which we all know is/was the Holy Grail of cards.

Nike put this commercial out shortly after Griffey retired, seems fitting again now:



Mike Piazza was also voted in getting 83% of the vote.  Honestly this is a no brainer as well and the fact that it took this long for him to get in is a joke.  But as noted above the BBWA voters can be a fickle bunch.

None of that matters now, the greatest hitting catcher of all time is going into the Hall.

And honestly you could put him in for one moment.  His game winning home run in the first MLB game back after 9/11, in a way just let us know that everything was going to be ok.


Full voting results from the BBWA website can be found here