The North Carolina Tar Heels Are The 2017 NCAA Basketball Champs



First things first, congrats to the Tar Heels and to Roy Williams.  Only thing that matters is who wins at the end and they came out on top and are now the champions.

That said, last night’s championship game was one of the ugliest title games I can remember in recent memory.  Shooting.Bad. Free Throws. Bad. Refs. Bad. Fouls. A Ton.

Carolina is a team that likes to get out and run, and the Zags can put the ball in the hoop at high volumes as well so it made sense to expect a track meet and a high scoring game.  That did not happen Monday night.

People will, and did, complain about the refs and deservedly so, they were pretty bad in many spots.  But there was more too it than that, poor shooting all around, poor free throw shooting as well, it was a mess.  Maybe defense had a part in that, maybe it was the huge football stadium they played in, either way it was ugly.

On the positive side, props to Roy Williams, this makes it 3 national titles for him which puts him in legendary company.  Lets not, for a moment, think about the fact that the NCAA may take away one if not two of those titles and just enjoy the moment.  This was not Roy’s most talented team by any means, which makes this win so much sweeter, because this might be his best coaching job to date.



Villanova Wins National Title Over North Carolina With Buzzer Beater

Ya so that happened.  Crazy ending to what turned out to be a very entertaining game.

And that was right after Marcus Paige hit a circus shot to tie it up.

I mean COME ON!  Congrats Marcus you hit one of the craziest shots that barely anyone will remember.

And of course it being North Carolina and MJ in the house it took the Internet no time to hit em with the MJ crying memes.

This one being my favorite:

But credit where its due, Villanova played a heck of a tournament.

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 4.46.36 PM


Dean Smith Leaves $200 For A “Dinner Out” To All His Former Players In His Will

(Cbssports) – Former North Carolina coach Dean Smith died on Feb. 7, but left his players one final gift in his passing.

In his will, Smith bequeathed $200 to each of his former players from his trust. The reason? The coach wanted them to “enjoy a dinner out compliments of Coach Dean Smith,” according to the letter he sent each along with the check.

I mean not much else to say here.  Dean Smith, one of the classiest guys ever, in life and in death.  They just dont make em like that anymore.

RIP Dean