Vibin Fridays – Britney Spears – Baby One More Time


Sometimes things come along in life that make you say Damn Im Old!  Well this was one of those things.

Recently I heard that this song turned 21.  21 years old?  If this song was a person it would legally be allowed to drink now.  Even though it was definitely drinking in high school and having parties at their house when the parents were out of town. And now here they are, all grown up and in college able to buy their own booze and get blacked out on gamedays.

They grow up so fast.

Enjoy the weekend


Vibin Fridays – PSY – Gangnam Style


I have no earthly idea why, but this song popped into my head this week and I havent been able to get it out.  So now Im going to do the same for all of you.

Cant believe its been 7 years since this song came in and took the world by storm.

Could be wrong but if I remember correctly this was the first youtube video to hit 1 billion views.  Crazy

Enjoy the weekend


Vibin Fridays – Lil Nas X ft Billy Ray Cyrus – Old Town Road (Remix)


You didnt think I was gone forever did you?

Took some time off to have a baby, let me rephrase, my wife had the baby but you get it.  Im a dad!  Pretty crazy stuff.

But Im back just in time for football season.  First NFL Expert Picks of the season coming next week.

Now as for this Vibin Fridays….

Every so often a song comes along and takes the country by storm, sometimes for no sensible reason, and my friends this song was IT for the summer of 2019.

#1 on the Billboard charts for something crazy like 18 straight weeks, just got knocked off I think.  But what better way to close out the summer than with the song that took the summer by storm.

I mean the lyrics are ridiculous and make no sense but damnit if this song isnt catchy.

Enjoy the long weekend

PS – Its crazy to think that there will now be a generation of people who know Billy Ray for this song and not Achy Breaky Heart.


Vibin Fridays – Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody


In honor of Bohemian Rhapsody, the movie, coming out this week, I give you this weeks Vibin Friday.

As for the movie, it actually looks pretty good.  This movie has been in the making for years and originally was supposed to start Sacha Baron Cohen as Freddie Mercury, which is so easy to imagine.  However, based on the trailers it looks like Rami Malek fills in just fine.

Bonus clip: cant have this be the Vibin Friday song and not play this clip


Party on Wayne, party on Garth

Enjoy the weekend!