This has been the biggest news story since the tapes came out last weekend, and with this decision it will continue to be the biggest story for at least the next few days.

Regardless of where you stand on this whole thing, this was basically the only choice the Commish had right?

Forget the fact that the tape is totally illegal, both parties have to consent to being recorded in California, this was a huge black eye on the league, and the commish had to make an example.

This also gave him the chance to be his own man, and get out of the shadow of David Stern. Guy has been on the job for what like 3 months? After today there will be as many mentions of his name as there is anything else.

Im not going to sit here and say whether it was the right or wrong thing to do, thats not for me to decide, but believe me I aint feeling bad for old man Sterling. He is banned for life, but that doesnt mean he has to sell the team, and if they can actually force him to, which would take at least 75% of the other owners voting for it, then the team he bought for like $12 million back in 1981 is now close to being worth $1 Billion. Tough to feel sorry for that kind of return.

PS – before all the 1st amendment people start coming out, just stop. Yes he absolutely has the right to say whatever he wants in the privacy of his own home. However the NBA as an organization has the right to do exactly what they did.

This was an easy one. The song you will no doubt hear at least a couple dozen times between now and Monday. Even though it has zero to do with St Pattys day, but does anyone really care when they are ten beers deep.

I certainly dont.

PS. Is it St Pattys or St Paddys day? Noone seems to agree. Either way enjoy.

Give her credit for getting right back into the interview like nothing happened.

“I just slipped and fell” – No honey you just passed the eff out on live tv and will soon become an internet sensation.

Looks like she hit her head pretty hard, think this becomes a different story if she isnt on that snow.

Now let the internet machine do its work.

Ive been slacking on the vibin Fridays, but I am making up for it right now.

This video came out last year, but lets be honest will never get old.

DMX bringing his style to that classic Christmas carol we all love and absolutely killing it.

Rudolph never sounded so gangsta.


Merry Christmas ya filthy animals!

THIS FAMILY. This three and a half minute humble brag makes me want to punch this entire family in the face, even the kids.

Oh hey everyone look at us, were a perfect little rich, good looking family living that sweet burb life. We get parts in movies and quit our jobs so mommy and daddy can work together on making more annoying videos for other people.

Oh your kid can count to 100 in Chinese?? Get off that high horse.

Merry Christmas